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Washburn wonderbar

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Hey people, i was wondering before orderinga warmoth body. That is there any place new on the net where i can buy a washburn wonderbar bridge? I need to know before ordering because with the wonderbar, it doesant need any routingat all to install. So i need to know if its possible to get one before ordering.

Also is there a 7 string version anywhere?


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i would preferably buy it brand new from a place other then ebay, I have no respect or trust for ebayers. sorry lol....

well ok im considering it because they seem quite hard to find, is there any questions i should ask the buyer? about the trem like what necks would it be compatable with etc? sorry i have no expereince with tremolos at all!

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.....I have no respect or trust for ebayers. sorry lol....

Thats a little harsh, dontcha think?? I've done a lot of buisiness on ebay, both buying and selling. I've never been burned, and have never burned anyone.

Its too bad you feel that way, becouse you can get some really good deals on ebay, especially for guitars and parts

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The Wonderbar was a true flat-mount trem, and was bigger, bulkier and heavier than any Kahler. It had a torsion bar instead of springs and a few other unique features. I never used one, but i knew a guy who had one on an old Lado that he had customized.

Since they're not being made any more, i'd be hesitant to install one, just because of scarcity of parts.

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I know of a guitar store that has one, new in box, from about 1987 or so. Never been sold, and I don't even think it has been out of the box.

I believe the owner of the store wants to sell it for what the going price was, which is around $300.

That might be why it is still unsold.

He also has a few Kahler's, also new in box, never sold or touched.

If you want the phone number, send me an email

The same music store also has a Washburn Ace Frehley signature guitar, like a funky v meets explorer, also brand new, never been sold.

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