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Jet Jointer Problem

Johnny Foreigner

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Finally bought a jointer. For reasons of space and economy, figured i might as well get the one that also planes.

Anyway, a bunch of the reviews on Amazon mentioned the infeed and outfeed tables not being coplanar, and how if you contact Jet customer support they email you instructions on how to make the adjustment.

However, even adjusting the outfeed table as far up as possible, with the cut depth at 0, the two tables are a good few degrees out of parallel with one another.

I just wanted to confirm that I'm not being an idiot and that is an issue.

The good news is that from everything I've read, Jet have amazing customer service and fix problems very quickly. Sadly they're shut over the weekend, so I figured I could check with y'all.


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There are LOTS of tool and equipment forums out there.

Last year I was doing a lot of research on jointers, table saws, sanding machines, etc., and I seem to remember reading on some forum about this issue, ...and they had answers...

I do believe it's not a big issue and there is a fix for it, just be patient and search out some forums, Google and some specific search terms are your friends here.

Do your due diligence and homework on this and you'll come through just fine.

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Do you have the manual? If not down load it from Jet Services. Look under Gib adjustment. There are adjustments for the fence as well as both of the beds. There you will find out how to adjust this properly. If then there is still a problem, get with the Jet people and they will work with you.


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I sent it back. Replacement has arrived, but my building's elevator is knackered, so can't get it upstairs yet.

I spoke extensively with Jet customer service. They sent me the instructions on adjusting the outfeed table. I adjusted it to the topmost adjustment I could (there wasn't actually very much latitude for adjustment at all) and the two tables were still several full degrees out.

From what I've read of other peoples' problems on the Amazon reviews, most commonly the tables are fractions of degrees out, and the adjustment to the outfeed table is a good fix. I think mine was just a poorly put together example.

Hopefully the replacement is better. If not, I'll return it for a refund and get the smallest Grizzly jointer instead - I can live without the planer for now.

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If the tables are out of alignment as far as angle goes, adjusting the height of the table won't do anything. You need to shim the sides or ends that are low so that you bring the tables into proper alignment. I just gave my 20 year old jointer a very thorough tune up and used a bit of aluminum soda can to shim the ways where the table was low (both sides of the outfeed end, two layers on one side, one on the other since one side was lower). It's quite simple. Loosen the gib screws, put in the shims, adjust height, tighten it up, and off you go (you will likely have to reset the knives once done). This being a combo machine, there might be a little more to it. If you still need more help, I like lumberjocks as a woodworking/tool forum.

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