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Anyway To Dye Or Tint Over Poly Clearcoat?

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I have a finished body which is clearcoated with poly. After finishing, I realized that it's not exactly what I want and I'd like to add a slight green tint to the finish. I'm wondering if there is anything that would work as a wipe on tint, stain, or dye that would add a semi-transparent light green tone to the finish. I'm not sure if the Stew-Mac ColorTone stain or pigment would work for this, since it's intended to be mixed with the clearcoat and sprayed on. It seems like there should be something that would work on poly without completely stripping it, but I don't know what to look for.



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To expand on Killemall, you will need to use a candy color paint or trans-tint dye mixed into your poly. Scuff the existing finish for adhesion and spray a toner coat to get your desired color. You will then want to clear-coat again. Though you have to be carefull that you don't develop too thick of a finish. Some finishes don't like to be laid on thick and will crack. The poly you already sprayed on is now dried and is plastic, if you apply dye or stain it will wipe right off.

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I do it all the time. I don't use stains at all.

I make my own Candy 2k paint by mixing special 2k dye into Basecoat blender. This is the same way that a paint shop mixes Candy 2k if you buy it from them.

Here is one here I did recently using that method - sprayed clear, let the clear cure, sanded it back, sprayed candy and burst then clear again:


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