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Indecision On Control Layout

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Hi all-

I am working on a tele style build and I have gotten to the point where I have to make a decision on the control layout on the body... namely do I want to use the traditional chrome mounting plate or mount the controls through the body. I am frozen by indecision. On the plus side, the chrome plate gives it a traditional tele look and is easier. On the negative side, what's the point of having a figured maple cap if you cover a bunch of it up with a control plate???

So what do you think? A or B





Variation on B:


Any thoughts?

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I am normall very anti-control plate, but this one to my eye looks better with the control plate. I know it is covering up a good bit of the nice figuring, but some reason it just catches my eye better. If you decide against the control plate I would go with the variation on B. I like the offset look better without the plate.

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