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Stratocaster In Plans....

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Hallo there!!

i am planning to make a stratocaster again....but this time i dont want to follow the cliche...

I want to use padauk for body but i dont want to be flat...so i think i need another top...do you have any photos or ideas for such a stratocaster body ???and about neck also...i love full scalloped...but in maple?any other white wood like wood????

My other idea is to carve something small....i would appreciate your thougts.... :D

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Watch the weight on a full size strat. It will end up being very heavy if you go full strat thickness. I almost always attach Figured Soft Maple to offset the bright Padauk.

Tops I might try other than figured maple...

Claro Walnut


Buckeye Burl

Bleached Redwood....


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thank you guys,i will look all these and i will tell you later...but i have a major question....about this ihave drawn in photo..how i

turn the top???i mean if i have an equal thickness of top then i must press in to match the body which is not flat @ this point...

By heat maybe??i think this is the most difficult part....


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Sometimes a bevel that reveals the next layer of wood looks very nice. Check out what madhatter has been doing for a while.


This and his other builds that do this look very good to me. As long as you do it well it should look very nice. And everything I've seen of your work says you'll do it very well indeed.

For another option look up a thread called How To Fold a 1/4" Maple Top or it's called something close to that.


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If you want to find those fantastic pieces of wood you have to do the work and sift through Ebay ,the rest of the 'net,and all of your local suppliers like everyone else.And they aren't cheap.

Every piece of burl is not going to be great.You have to learn what you can use and what you can't.

You can start by looking through everything Gilmer Wood has,but pay special attention to dimensions.And those pieces will not come ready to glue...you have to get the edges ready and stabilize the piece yourself.

When you ask "where can I find buckeye burl",most of us hear "I don't know what I am asking for"

There are no shortcuts for those crazy pieces...most of us spend hours every week just looking around and finding very little

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i think you are right guys.....Here in Greece economic crisis is so huge that no one can afford such an expensive piece of wood...Westhemann i know what i am looking for, i told you but i cannot find here buck eye ..I have in mind another alternative.We have here plenty of olive woods.....I think it is easier to find than anything else....so olive wood burl is....something alternative.......

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