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Pickups Worth Estimate?


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I got this set of super clean 1967 Strat pickups, all three direct from the guitar, I even have the original pots, cap, and some other stuff from the same guitar, and I am wondering what they are worth. Just an estimate before I get crazy and ask too much for them and never get them sold. So what would they go for?

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i assume you mean made in 1967 rather than from a 67 reissue.

if so ordinarily you would be looking at about $250 for each pickup, $100 for the switch, $100-300 for the pots

but if they are are still soldered together and you have other parts then what you have is very valuable to someone restoring a 67 strat and i could see it going up to $2k as a complete lot. if you are brave go for a 99p start on ebay, offer worldwide postage - it will find its value - those collectors wont miss it

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No photos exist, and I have the original neck plate from it, with number stamped in. But, I have been forbidden from selling them by my children, they seem to think I should leave the pups to them as some kind of legacy. But again, yes it was an original 1967 edition and not a re issue, of a tobacco burst Strat. I got luck when I bought it in 1970 for a cool $75.00 at a music store inventory reduction sale.They are still soldered together but not to the pots and are numbered. I guess I will have to be keeping them or my kids will dissown me. This is one reason that I confess, I have done a most vile and despicable act that can not be reversed.

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