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Grounding Mini Switches... Wth?!


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Ok, is there some trick to grounding these things?! This is ridiculous?! They must coat them with something. I've tried sanding the casing's surface, etching with flux, the works. I can't get ANYTHING to stick to these for grounding! Tips and tricks appreciated cause this is getting frustrating!


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Probably not the answer you're looking for but might spark an idea.

I use mini switches all the time. I never solder a ground, however I always use a copper plate in the bottom of my cavity which everything goes through, so when I tighten the mini switches they are grounded to this, same with the pots and the cap etc. It's acts as common ground for everything.

If you don't want to run a full plate you could use a small strip and just use it as a soldering tab or just wrap a wire around the top before tightening?

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The cases of those mini toggles were never intended to have wires directly attached to them. Whatever method you're using for cavity shielding (paint, copper tape, aluminium foil) should be all that's required to ground the case of the switch. If it's absolutely necessary you can solder a wire to one of the washers that are usually supplied with the switch and slide it over the shaft (ooooerrrrr...)

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I use these...


They're called solder lugs, and can be found here:


Instead of attaching to the bottom of a pot or switch, these go on top, and you solder your ground wire through the little hole. It saves you from burning pots too.

+1. this is the neatest and easiest solution, and has the added advantage that if you ever need to swap a faulty switch out, it makes it much easier.

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