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I actually spent a bit of time over the last few days looking into the possibility of DIY-ing a drum sander myself, which is probably the least onerous of the projects listed there.

I guess I find his projects fun to watch more than anything. The bandsaw is impressive from the standpoint that something made of ply, MDF and pine can resaw a 3mm slice off a 10" tall block of maple. They may not be the worlds most precise tools, but you have to admire his tenacity.

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I would be concerned with things working loose and becoming dangerous. I know that is possible with conventional tools, but it is easier to detect. Failure in wood can be much more sudden. Also, the weight of the metal provides stability and absorbs vibrations. You still have to admire the thought and effort that went into these though.

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Ugh this guy... -.-

Anyway, some of these are cool, but a lot of these are inherently dangerous. Mostly due to balancing concerns. "But bob, all power tools are dangerous". Just be careful if you proceed down these paths; all I ask...

some of his jigs are incredible though. The "pantorouter" machine being a personal favorite of mine.

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