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Band Saw Vs Table Saw


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Hi all,

I am an amateur builder. As such I mainly work at home and don't have much space. So until now I avoided buying a big saw and went to a woodworker when I needed sawing or plaining services. But now I want to buy a saw. which Brings me to my question:

I am having trouble to decide between buying a bandsaw - probably this one:


or buying a table saw - probably this one:


What I need from the saw is straight and accurate cuts for laminating necks and bodies (also the bandsaw is adding the flexability of the option cut shapes using it).

What would you advise?

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I have both a table saw and a band saw. Actually I have a lot of da*m saws. If you are going strictly luthiery I would push you towards the band saw. If you are doing general woodworking, the tablesaw is probably a better investment.

I bought this saw from Grizzly last fall and am pretty happy with it:


They normally have 20%off coupon codes, if you can not find a code, check out lumberjocks.com and they sometimes share them.

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Thanks guys :)

I'm from Israel which means that Grizzly are costly as muc as Makita (due to the shipping costs VAT and customs fees).

My Options are DeWalt which is 2 times more expnsive, Makita and Bosch...

I'd always prefer to avoid German products (Historical reasons mostly)... So it leaves me with Makita :)

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