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Don't buy a Floyd from China(ebay) Period!

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Let's just say I'm pretty big into triple checking for all of the cues of a fake product. I bought a "REAL" Floyd Rose Special from China and it looked dead on correct. Well known guitars are build in China with real Floyds so it didn't throw the red flag like it should have. I got it in the mail and it still looked perfectly like the real one. I already had a real one I bought to put in a buddy's Kramer so I compared the two. It seemed that the ebay one looked to be even better quaility. Well, I installed the ebay one and the first flag - the posts and bushings were garbage, flag two - the claw was wrong, flag three - it could not be tuned. I yanked it off and just 5 min of playing had exposed a copper color on the knife edges. The fine tuners were hard to turn and the bar had too much play. I paid $50 for a paper weight. They are far too convincing so just beware.


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Correct. I knew they were made in Korea. That didn't mean they couldn't end up in China. I would have been more suspicious if it was $20. Lesson learned. I've ended up with some pretty decent parts from China for next to nothing through Amazon, especially the tuning machines. I wouldn't put any on a high end guitar but they are far better than the stock ones on low to mid-line LTD, Fender, Epiphone, etc. 4 sets at less than $9 a set and nothing but good experiences. If they can build the world's supply of iphones and pretty much everything else there are great deals to be had, if you can avoid the fraud.

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I've been stung in the past buying parts from ebay only for them to arrive as fakes, so these days I buy from authorised dealers, even if it means I'm paying twice the price. Floyd stuff, Grover stuff, even Hipshot stuff I've been stung on, theres nothing you can do with it but throw it in the bin as I cannot put it on a customers guitar and sell it as real when it's not. Moral of the story, buy from Authorised dealers.

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