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Hello everyone, I have some questions I hope you guys can answer, since I'm new to guitar modifications or customization.

I bought this Ibanez Gio GRG250DX two years ago and I want to upgrade the pickups

Since it came with passive pickups I'd like it to have new passive pickups, I was thinking about buying EMGs, H4, H4a and S3

I was wondering if I can install the 3 passive pickups with this wiring kit, or if is it possible to install 3 EMG passive pickups, I've been searching on google for diagrams but I can't find one that has an HSH guitar, and mostly the ones I find are for active pickups or just 2 passive pickups


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Pretty sure EMG do not offer a 3x passive pickup wiring kit, and the 2-pickup wiring set that ships with each H4 pickup won't give you sufficient connection points to expand to a third pickup. The three-pickup wiring kit you've linked to will only suit their active pickups, and does not include the necessary switching requirements to match the Ibanez GRX (positions 2 and 4 on the 5-way switch coil tap the humbuckers).

Your only likely option is to use the Quick Connect cables for each pickup, cut off the plug that usually fits into the EMG 'basestation' and manually solder each cable to your existing controls to achieve your desired switching requirements.

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As long as you are comfortable with soldering and have access to the necessary tools (or know someone else willing to do it for you)  then yes, I believe ordering the pickups without the wiring kit will be the best solution. The H4/H4a humbucker instructions seem to indicate that they can be coil tapped (as per the GRX original pickups), it'd just be a matter of working out what wires would be necessary to transfer over from the EMG pickup Quick Connect cables to get the equivalent operation

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