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Neck&fingerboard building right order

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Hi, probably the neck&fingerboard is one of the most delicate tags in the process of building an electric guitar. What do you think is the best order/choice about neck&fingerboard building?

- First Slotting the fingerboard with the help of a mitter box

- Second what do you  think is best? inlays time, gluying fretboard to neck or radiate the fingerboard? this is for me the most difficult part, I think is better after slotting, radiating with router and then inlay job. But the problem is how to do the binding channel a radiated fingerboard

I´d would very grateful if someone adds some light to this issue. Thanks in advance.



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Different people will have different takes on the "correct" order to do things. At the end of the day it comes down to what works best for you. There are a couple of things worth thinking about though:

  • If your inlay passes through fret slots you may want to consider inlaying before slotting.
  • Inlaying after radiusing the board can make cutting the pockets for your inlays tricky, as there is no longer a flat surface to work against.
  • Binding a fretboard is easier if you have some flat surfaces to work with. This may mean that binding has to occur before the fretboard is glued to the neck, or that the neck is not shaped until all the binding is complete
  • If you're going to bind a fretboard, slotting needs to be done first because it will be impossible to cut the slots without cutting through the binding. You'll also need to plan ahead to make sure the slots are the correct depth before attaching the binding.
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