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bandsaw burning wood? doing it right


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I got a bandsaw on marketplace a few weeks ago. it came with a blade that seems quite sharp. it is a 250 watt saw. i tried to cut some 40mm pine on it and the wood started to smoke. it seems to cut straight. though looking at the cut after it seemed as though there may have been an angle. could this cause the overheating? or is the smoke from something else. should a bandsaw go through 40mm without hassle? or would i have to change the blade?



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In my experience, burning happens when the blade does a poor job of clearing away the dust during the cut which causes the work to get hot and I've had this happen when I bought a couple of the cheap screwfix bandsaw blades. I only use the axminster premium blades now and I haven't noticed the work getting burnt lately and I cut everything from dry mahog/maple to wet pallet wood. I would spend some time getting the bearings right first as calibration makes a huge difference to quality of cut, then try a good quality blade. While your saw hasn't got much of a motor I doubt that's a factor - my 10" Axminster saw is only about 400W.

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in my humble o... if you just got a bandsaw... go check the bandsaw setup tutorials around the net... makes a world of difference.  when you say angle it sounds to me like the bandsaw isn't setup right... but a good blade and solid bandsaw and you should be able to cut at an angle w/o burning.


the two posts above mine - are two solid guesses.  It could also be a weak motor not turning fast enough... but that's a bit more far fetched. 

here's to you getting her going in the right direction.

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