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Wow, Are wood prices out of control?


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  • woodfab changed the title to Wow, Are wood prices out of control?

I had to check the prices at Maderas Barber who have been my latest source. Rosewood blanks were from roughly €4 to 30 depending on the species and qualification, over half a dozen varieties. Ready made were around €30 with only two options.

That said, wood prices do have gone up by a margin, starting from the cheapest building materials. A friend built a large deck on the front yard of her summer cottage and found out that she'd need a few planks more. The price of the extras was about the same as what she had paid for the entire deck a year or two earlier.

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Depends on the rosewood, I got 4 Indian rosewood fretboard blanks for £40 from Ebay (UK) last week although they aren't particularly dark - I normally pay £15-20 for the really dark purple stuff that looks black once oiled. I don't think you can find Braz anywhere here, if you could it would be hundreds. I have 1 that I was gifted a few years ago and I'm saving it for a big birthday build, I certainly won't be flogging it!

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On 3/16/2023 at 10:56 AM, woodfab said:

Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard all-heart VG $99 ea.

Honduran Mahogany,  1-Piece body blank and neck $180

I guess it's that the last time I bought wood for guitars was 45 years ago.

I paid about $39 for all three pieces.


where was that brazilian?  that's actually fairly reasonable for brazilian.

mahog... I am certain you can find stuff locally a lot cheaper than that assuming you can work it from rough.  I know my local spot sells genuine mahog, and their price for 8/4 kayha is only $8/bd ft.  

all this said... yes prices have gone out the roof in the last year.  

from allenguitar, you can get an indian rosewood fretboard for $17, but you can get a radius'd and slotted one for about $25.  their stuff is top notch and they haven't raised their price.

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3 hours ago, turquoise said:

Where can I buy maple tops?

It somewhat depends on where you're from, although many vendors sell internationally.

I've bought wood from Spain, from Madinter and Maderas Barber. Then there's Espen in Germany, Tesla Tonewood in Serbia, Exotic Hardwoods in Britain and many more.

And of course you can find wood in Ebay,

Your local lumberyard might also be worth the a visit.

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