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Cocobolo fretboards

Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

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So is it a good deal??

Hmm... let's see:

LMI defines "Standard" (minimum dimensions) as 20+" x 2 3/4" x 5/16"

20" * 2.75" * 0.3125" = 17.1875"^3

There are 144"^3 in a board foot... I think your local retailer is cheaper for the raw wood, but I think it might be worth the difference to get it pre-cut by LMI.

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I just received 2 cocobolo and 2 pau ferro fretboards from LMII yesterday. They look great and I can't wait to use them. They're about 3" x 31", and about 1/4 thick or so. I couldn't find any locally, although I can get ebony and some other ones. Anyhow, if I ever start my project, I'll put some pictures up.

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my lmii order is not arrived..

my teacher order John Gilbert Tuning Machine in lmii.com ..

but one month is going..

my teacher order(John Gilbert Tuning Machine) and my 4th guitar need posion mark .. 6mm abalon..

but woking is stop .. because of lmii not send my 6mm abalon & my teacher's John Gilbert Tuning Machine

i hate lmii..

lmii service is allway not kindness for our order. but stewmac is really kindness.

when my teacher order classic guitar top(master Grade) to Stewmac.. but my teacher not satisfaction for stewmac 's master Grade top..

so he mail.. and stewmac reply , if you do not satisfaction for stewmac wood. send to stewmac and resend Master Grade top..

my teacher send his UPS charge.. for return stewmac wood.

stewmac do not demand UPS charge to change new Mastergrade top..

why my teacher order lmii.com? because of John Gilbert Tuning Machine is not sales on stewmac.. T_T

sorry .. my english is not good..

lmii is "KKK" Group? they dont like color people?

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I guess perhaps I should mention that I ordered fretboard "blanks", rather than having them radiused and/or slots cut. I ordered on a Friday, and they came in the following Wed. I was happy w/ that, but it was my first (and a very simple) order.

So yes I was very happy with them, but my order shipped within the states and I didn't even ask them anything or specify any instructions or anything.

I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience.

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they (lmii) told me a fingerboard would be about 25 dollars shipping on top of the cost of the fingerboard itself.

I found a local supplier who is just going to grab some cocobolo and make me up 2 boards... for a sixstring bass. so like 30"x5" or so.. and its only 40 bucks. plus they send pics of the wood i want to buy. think 40 bucks CDN? is good for 2 cocobolo six string bass blanks?

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I might live to regret giving up my sources, but you should try the offerings at Gilmer Wood. (shitty to hear that the inspirational work of our fine friend in Korea has him wondering about KKK memberships at LMII)

They've got a section devoted to luthier's woods, and their supply of fingerboard blanks (among other things) is inspiring. And despite the $100 minimum order, amazing value for the dollar. There is more work involved in using their products,

as they are rough cut, not slotted and require some degree of advanced skill. But hey, whoever said good thing come easy, has never built a great guitar!

Gilmer Wood

i have the lmii pao ferro.

nice, certianly big enough. radiusing not great though.


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