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Jem/ProAxe Custom Hybrid Project


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First of all I have to say That I had no previous experience in wood working at all.

But I'm finishing the routing process of my first body, I made some fixable mistakes and I feel very proud of my unexperienced results so far.



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I put a cedar veener on the guitar body to hide my mistakes, and it looks so sweet!!!

I will try to get better pictures, but here you have:




Please tellme what you think so far...

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well, I'm going to play devils advocate, and say, the work looks fine, but dude, paint it a solid color LOL!!!

I don't like the cedar top at all personally, but then, I don't like figured tops either with the odd exception. It's nothing against your work though, that looks class, I just think the veneer looks to much like furniture or something. I say, seal that sucker, and paint it LOL!!!!

however, it's only my opinion :D

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personally i love natural finish on guitars.i love the combinations of different types of woods on necks especially.the guitar i am doing now is going to be solid red but i prefer stain.i want to try transluscent colors too.have you ever checked out the quicksilvers at edroman.com?i love the spalted maple.

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