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Body Oil finish?

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The tung´s oil is a good alternative to the finish, special to the rear of the neck, ultra smooth, and sounds perception through the body is the best for me. Easy apply. This is the good, but the other face: the guitar surfaces need been wax rubber one time in a week (minimum), and apply more oil´s one time in the year for good care, forever... Other think: i see in the "Building electric guitars" ebook http://www.buildyourguitar.com/books/ebeg/index.asp that other oil´s type called "Danish Oil´s", more easy apply and more efective. You can buy in "Homestore" in your city Santiago de Chile.

See you, grettings from La Serena...

PD: Check my webpage, i put some pictures of your project.... Je Je Please, Send more to my mail!!!! Bye Bye!!! B)

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" less protection" Who cares ? I have necks that have a lacquer finish all over that end up changing shape from the weather anyway, and an oil finish feels so much better, that I don't care if it's affected by the weather a little more. I have an oil finish on a few necks. Any of my lacquered necks that I make up my mind to keep, will have the lacquer scraped off and an oil finish applied.

Have one oil finished body (light coat of watco done many years ago) You'd think it'd get dirty, but it actually looks newer and cleaner than the lacqered bodies I have, that I even have done my best to keep looking new.

The lacquer finished guitars feel like they are made of plastic, and the oil finished one feels like a great wooden instrument.

Next body i do oil on will probably get done with linseed oil.

Tung oil is also fine for this.

Some say to put many coats, but I think I will always just do one quick light coat and be done with it. Sometimes on a maple fret-board I'll do more than one coat.

Beats the heck out of breathing lacquer fumes

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I was planning on using Tru-oil for my first finish. It's a polymerized tung-oil and there's a sealer made specifically for it. I hear that it builds a shine and has better protection than straight tung-oil.

I haven't used it myself. I'm just passing on information that I've gathered in trying to figure out a good quality, easy to apply finish.

Take a look at this thread for more info Applying a Tru-oil finish

Edit: Tru-oil is a polymerized linseed oil not polymerized tung-oil :D

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what woods work best with oil finishes, i know some woods need to be hard coated like mahogany


Doesn't need to be. I did a guitar with a mahogany body with an oil finish, and a bass with an oil finish, both porous woods. The finish was great.

I use a polimerized tung oil and sealer on my instruments.

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