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Minimum tools needed... Revisited

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I think the guitar turned out great and I love the Swamp Ash body he used. I think it was a very nice touch using the Swamp Ash to make a truss rod cover.

That body being cut out with a hacksaw reminded me of when I cut my first body out with a big blade on a bandsaw. I didn't know any better at the time and had to make small cuts in curves and back out and hit it from another angle.. lol So ended up with about the same cutout as he had, all jagged edges.. :D So I can really sympathize with him on how hard it is to sand it out level. It's a total nightmare, even when using a drum sander. I told myself right then, that there must be a better way to do this, so I started reading up and found out I could have just used a good template and routed or used a Robo Sander to get a perfect replica without having to spend 2 months sanding out your mistakes. :D It's much easier to cut out a 1/4" plywood template and sand the edges of it till it's perfect than a big 2" slad of hardwood.... Ah, the good ole days.. B)

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Well here's a funy story. I was on the carvin forum earlier and saw that, read it and was goint to post it here...well Drew got to it before me. Nonetheless, a great find and fully doccumented process of the absolue hardway.

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That picture's even goofier than the first one. :D I'm still too new to be much of a 'welcomer', but it's good to have you anyhow... maybe you'll be able to help out when I make my guitar with less than adequate tools, too.



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Well, anyone with more posts than me (2) has enough to welcome me here. Thanks. B)

And sure, any help I can give, I'd be glad too, but I feel a little bit out of my league just being on this site. :D

On a side note, I just got inside from using that same hacksaw blade to cut some truss rod covers out of flamed maple and bloodwood for my new project guitar. But I had someone else make the body for this one. :D



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