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When Poplar Is Ash...or Maple...

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I went to my local wood guy today. Besides the other stuff I bought, he had 4 huge fat-Bob pieces of Poplar, probably 50 X 16 X 2".

He sez some bloke had bought them from him, then decided he didn't want them, and had left them there on consignment..

Whatever, I've been dealing with this guy for 8 years, I totally trust him.

...'Hmmm, kinda heavy' sez me...but no problem, when I get them home and saw 'em down to size they'll feel right-on, mate.

He sold them to me for $20.00/ea., I bought 2, 'great deal!' sez I to Iself.

Well, I got them home and sawed one down to rough-size for a body, the thing is heavy as freakin' Maple or Ash. Bollocks! sez I. :D

I think it's still wet. :D Not 'wet' wet, but not thoroughly seasoned either. I can just tell, I've worked with Poplar lots of times, this stuff is WAY HEAVY for Poplar.

Oh well, can't win 'em all. ...And you get what you pay for. B)

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I was so freaked out I weighed it and compared it to most of my other bodies.

My bodies are averaging out at about 4.5 to 5 lbs.

This body, with control cavity cut out and 2 decent sized chambers, at 1 3/4", is weighing in at 6.5 lbs.

What a friggin' boat anchor! :D

I swear it's still wet. I can almost 'feel' it when I lay my hand on it.

Anybody got a good easy kwik-dry method? :D

Geeze... more wood for you? Don't you ever stop!? 

Uhhh......no one ever gave me an 'off' button. B):D:DB)

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could you go back to the place with the boards now cut, and ask them to throw them in the kiln? or oven or what ever they use at big wood stores to dry out wood? some stores have hudge thingers so throwing in another 2 or 3 boards may not be a big deal to hem..? other then that put them on a flat surface, or right up against a wall and let them site for a year, maybe put a blanket over it with a dated post-it, then in a year you get to suprise yourself?

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Yeah, it sucks!

I was ready to slap another body together this weekend, but using wet wood is baaaad, I no can do that. :D

Bastard! :D

I'm gonna have to let these sit for a f*ckin' year or better I'm sure now, I'm just getting that gut feeling.

Guess I'll take Scott's advice and go up to Frederick and find that Alder source and just sub in Alder instead, which is cool, since I've never used an Alder blank before, Scott sez it's cheap, and it's anudder TELE! B) ...so Alder will work just fine.

Oh well, another bump in the road...whatever... :D

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