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Bulletproof Fender finishes

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Control? :D

The time I stripped the finish off my strat, I had to use a belt sander with big-ass grit. Even that took some doing! By the time I got near the wood (having gone through about 10 layers of who-knows-what-but-it-wasn't-all-paint) I had come to the realization that I did NOT want to do the remaining bits by hand... so I continued to use the belt sander... and I got a FEW little dents in the wood as a result.


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Almost better off buying or building a fresh new body. Those finishes are rock hard quality with layers of filler and primer to perfect the finish. Fender's idea is to make a finish that will last longer than any other part on the guitar, not one that can easily be stripped and redone as tastes change. They'd rather sell a new guitar, especially from the Custom Shop.

I wish the paint on my '02 Blazer was as tough as the paint on my '94 Strat :D

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Belt sanders are way to dangerous and will never give you the control needed bro................

Tell me about it! B):D

The mistakes of a young and impatient man...


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