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Francesco Fareri Custom 7 string

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I inlayed a .020" thick piece of Ebony between the maple fretboard and maple neck when I swapped the board, because the brand new maple board, was much whiter than the oxidized maple neck, and the 2 pieces, once glued, looked funny together, so I routed a thin slot, and put the ebony in there to break up the color discrepancy. I ended up REALLY liking the look, it really ties the neck into the body I think :D

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it's a LoPro 7 on there, why would I use a TRS??? LOL!!!!

anyway, Francesco received the guitar today, here is what he had to say :D

Hi Jeremy,

wow!!!!!!!! the guitar arrived today!!!

it looks amazing!!! and sounds awesome!

i love it!!! i'm a so happy for that!!!

thanks so much for making it!!!

i'll record soon something and sending it!!

i don't know if you know that i've recorded

a cd and other stuff into instrumental shred,

anyway my second cd will be recorded all with

this new one and i'll send you it if you want!!!

thanks again...i'm too happy! i'll go to play now!



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