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Laminating necks

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I have decided that I want to try and aquire some wood to have a go at laminating up some neck blanks. How do you all do it? How many laminations are a good idea? What dimensions do you use? What do you all prefer? Thanks!

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3 or 5 laminations work, make sure you have tons and tons and tons of clamps tho you dont want any gaps in the neck they could come back to haunt you, the one im workin on now is a 5 piece black walnut lam, gonna b heavy but o well the wood was free


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In general I think it is more appealing to use an odd number of layers for a laminated neck, odd numbers just visually balance out better. You will notice than thin strips of wood will tend to bend naturally, glue the peices together so that they bends will be in contrast to each other, or will cancel each other out in effect. contrasting thin and thick laminates are the way to go. a thinner outside laminate that does not make the whole length of the neck looks cool (ie. it only shos on the wider part of then neck and then tapers off into nothing on the way towards the headstokc.

Peace and good luck

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