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HOw much do you spend?

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Just wondering how much everyone else normaly spends on the supplies for making a guitar. I havent finished the shopping list for my first guitars supplies and Im alread y up at abouut $670 and I still havent got prices for a few things. Thats without finishing supplies or adhieseves and it is supplies only.

Any thoughts?

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easily 2000$ +

For the supplies for one guitar ?

Maybe you're including tools, which actually would be wise, since pieces of wood can't be made into a guitar without them.

Ones I build myself from already made parts : I guess it averages around $220.00 ( I tend to go for used stuff, pickups are usually new, and suck up most of the money) Fret-wire has been bought bulk, so that cuts that price down. Some of the guys here buy everything bulk.

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The guitar I'm currently working on now has so far cost me around... hum... let's see...

Seymour Duncan Jazz--------$70

Seymour Duncan JB-----------$70

Leo Quann Gold Bridge--------$88

Grover Gold Romantics--------$55

Maple neck wood---------------$11

Swamp Ash---------------------$0

Electonic wiring and pots------$40

Bone nut------------------------$0

GRAND TOTAL=========$334

And I still have paint, strap locks, toggle switch, input jack, etc. to buy.. Soo.. yikes.. I never knew I had that much invested.. lol.. Why did you guys have to bring that up.. I'm getting depressed now.. :D

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id say i spend sum where between 300- 500 by the time im done with finish and everything, i go with all new hardware and pickups and what not, the wood i get from a local lumber yard that carrys a good selection of hardwood so that saves me a lot of money


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The first guitar is always the most expensive, namely, money spent on tools. But after that its not too bad. Cost of hardware for my new SG worked out to about $200 Cdn. Got the wood for free and still lots left. Now, if you want to include man-hours, whoooeee, guitar should be worth about $3000 by now! :D

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first guitar: 450 (give or take)

pickups were 90 bucks each (SD 59's)

TOM bridge was like 35 bucks i think

tuners were 60 bucks (GOTOH mini's)

GOTOH speed knobs, 5 bucks each

pots were 9 bucks each (i think)

fretwire was 25 bucks

nut was 10 (i think thats right)

body wood was 10

neck wood was 25

strrings were 11 bucks


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1/4 sawn maple neck w/rosewood fretboard, fretted and dressed - $225

Fralin Blues - Tele PUPs - $160

Schaller locking tuners - $80

Swamp ash body blank - $65

Finishing supplies (dye and nitro per guitar) - $40

Bosch Router - $175

band saw - $100

Misc. tools such as screw drivers and soldering iron - Unknown

Prices are from memory and are approximates.

What I do know is this: If you want to save money, it is probably cheaper to buy a guitar than to build it, unless you want something very unique.

Guitar Ed

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yes i included tools, although they're one time only, and kinda deveating from the question :D sorry.... they're all things i've had to get specifically for guitars.... from fret slotting saws, specialty tools like fret files, and ground sanding bars. to basic wood working tools that where first required like the 18" bandsaw (resawing tops, cutting out any body shape with no hang ups), 12-1/2" planer (planing blanks AFTER glued up, should have baught bigger), 4" jointer (should have baught bigger)... etc.... etc...

materials for the actual guitar though... generaly 1000-1200$ B) (750-900$us) for a good guitar with a floyd, gotoh tuners, a good set of dimarzio or emg's and either clear or a solid colour finish (i don't do my own painting, have yet to meet that challenge), and made from some nice woods ( i get to hand pick pretty much any wood from my exotic hardwood heaven store down the road :D )

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