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I saw some nice guitars and bass's on Ebay recently By a company Called Agile and One in particular caught my eye as it has a full Pearl Top. Les Paul Style, Set Neck and I believe it was only 269. American Dollars. Any feedback on em would be appreciated as I think I'm gonna get it but would still like to hear what ya'll think about em. They are in the Buy Now category not for general bidding.

Ebay Agile LP Style

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I have two of the Fender copy basses. Both play and sound pretty good, very good for the price! Four piece alder bodies, lacquer finish (with minor flaws); low quality tuners and electronics, stamped bridge. Generally inexpensive parts, but compare it to a MIM Fender, or even a American standard these basses rock. I imagine the guitars are the same, or similar. :D

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okay well i did something i said i would never do :D

i ordered that guitar in honey sunburst

when it gets in i will give you guys a completely honest rating of this instrument.

not a "for what you pay this is okay",but a comparison against all the high end guitars i have ever played

just can't stand wondering if those instruments are really as great as has been said and if it has major flaws i assume i can fix it

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Wes, I replaced the nut, bridge, tuners, and knobs. Excluding the bridge I replaced the rest to gold just because I wanted to. I also filed the fret ends ( can't stand rough frets), did a complete setup and intonation. I still play this SX bass as it is my only working bass at this time. And my caribburst P bass is also an SX from Rondo Music. $119.00 and $109.00. Made in China.

BTW it is cheaper to purchase off Rondo's site than using Ebay (for those who might look at EBay).

I'm sure you will be surprised, Wes. I stand by what I said earlier a great deal when I compared my basses to Fender. Yes, even the American standards!

The sound of the pickups is OK, not a Seymore, Bartolini, or other quility pickups but they hold their own in the mix and are quiet.

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well as you know i switch everything to emg...so all the electronics go away in that process.i don't like plastic rings so they will be switched to metal ones,and it says it ships with an extra graphite nut...what i am really looking at is the craftsmanship,as far as for my use

but i figure i can give an honest opinion of the hardware and electronics before i switch it all out

this one claims to have "individual fret filing for smooth playability " or something like that.i have a feeling the fretwire will be at least as soft as the fretwire on my korean ibanez...i have worn the frets down flat already on that one and i have only had it about a year i think

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well i just ordered it saturday,and it shipped today by u.p.s ,and i have a tracking number and it is scheduled to arrive this friday...so they must be doing something right.

Yea well im talking about the walk in stores. Not there website. They have good stuff just not in the stores. I really cant buy anything online without a credit card, so walk in stores are my savoir. But then again theres always sam ash and the guitar center...

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Im really digging that PRS copy they have. Cant wait to read your review...

i almost bought that one rather than the one i did.

and i still may buy it if i like the first one.it really is a great looking guitar...and would look even better with a kahler B)

Indeed it would!! :D

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well...the guitar came in today.

the verdict is in.save your money.unless you are a complete beginner then this guitar is not good enough for you.

let's start with the "finish"

it is not what the pictures make it seem to be.it is pissed on there with no pore filling at all,and there are numerous dents and dings that were never sanded out before finishing(sanding?i don't think it was sanded at all)and i don't even really know what type of finish it is...it appears to be a cheap plasti-kote type of material...sprayed in a single"coat" and not cleared over at all

the binding...it would be decent enough if it wasn't seperated at the point where the neck meets the body.but it is.

there are still pencil lines at the neck joint where they marked it for shaping,and even those were not sanded off.

the wiring is good....alot better than i expected...too bad the pickups are horrible and MUST be replaced(but i expected that...no biggie because i always switch to emgs anyway)

the highlight of the guitar is the fretwork.it is very nice and the action is very low and the guitar is playable because of it....intonation is good...but it won't stay in tune...i think the nut slots are improperly done...the tuners are decent...same ones that came with my schecter omen 6(grovers...low end ones of course)

the neck feels nice...that plastic "finish" they use on it is very slick,and it has a nice shape,but the neck joint has a visible gap on the bass side

if i built this guitar,i would be ashamed.

what do i need to do to make it decent?

repair the binding,replace all the electronics,put a clearcoat on it and level it out(this also may add enough weight to the body to properly balance it...it is neck heavy,just like all les pauls are).

i don't know if this will make it into a guitar or not...but i will try

by the way...once i take the guitar apart i will give a better description of the neck joint

overall,even though i didn't expect much at this price range,i was still dissapointed...and this is a "deluxe" model.

i can't imagine what the standard models are like

to sum it up...i DO NOT reccomend these guitars,and i will never buy another one...

by the way...my $300 ibanez rgt i bought last year is 10 times the guitar...for $40 more than what this one cost

any questions?

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Well, im speechless. They looked so good in the pics!

yeah i know...it was a big let down for me as well.

and for the record...epiphone is a better instrument these days than what this is

BUT to be fair i need to change out all the cheap electronics and hardware and check the neck joint from inside the pickup cavity before saying whether or not it is worth the $260 price tag...

the reality just does not jive with what all of those kids on harmony central have been saying.

but rondo music shipped it quickly and i think they did their part quite well

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okay well i took it apart.

the routing is decent except for the neck pocket,which is oversized...there is a gap of about .5 mm all the way around the neck tenon that you can see once inside the pickup cavity

all the holes are clean and the control cavity is sheilded,though the pickup cavities are not

i still don't know what the finish is,but it is very soft...i have a feeling it is just tinted sealer

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glad you mentioned that...i didn't even think of it,but since the glue was still wet i just grabbed some veneer and took care of it

oh by the way when i took the strings off i noticed i was right about the nut...it was slotted very poorly

i put a glaze coat of shellac on it today...tomorrow i will spray some nitro on it...it is already looking better

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