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Sg Vs Strat Vs Paul

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this christmas i will be getting my first electric guitar :D. and i was wondering which guitar out of

--a fender standard strat

--a epaphone G-400(Sg copy)

--epaphone Les Paul(the $350 one)

is best. Especially for classic roc klike CCR, jimi hendrix, and pink floyd. Please dont ell me to save my money and buy something better though, 350 to 400 is all iom gonna get.

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since it is his first electric,i doubt he has any idea what he would like best...which i am sure is why he is asking.

basically,gilmourguy...you can go anywhere from here...your first guitar will decide which guitar style you will probably prefer for quite some time...so you should make a list of all the guitarists you love,and try to see if they play a particular style of guitar

of the three you mention,i know for a fact that 2 of them prefer strats,and i believe ccr played strats and teles,but i am not sure of that one

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You can make a strat sound like a Les Paul a whole lot easier than you can make a Les Paul sound like a strat.

Strats are plain just more versatile with a few pkp changes or whatever.

And obviously you can't beat the clean tone.

My very first two high-dollar guitars I ever bought were LPC's.

How times change. :DB):D

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my 2nd guitar was a strat and i love it still one of my best. its a fender mex strat and some of the tones i get from that are just amazing. its a bit heavier than other strats ive played but sounds and plays just as good as the high end ones (IMO). and i picked that up for £350 and im still using it now all ive just upgraded some of the parts (e.g. New Saddles and new bridge pickup hated the buzz)



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I agree, I would suggest a Strat as your first guitar. But like was said before, you should try playing a couple guitars before you decide on your first. Go to a music store if you have one locally and pick up a few different guitars, play them, and see which one you like the feel of better. But I would suggest getting a Strat. Just my opinion though for what it's worth. Let us know what you decide on. :D

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i've seen tokai strats and les pauls go for just as much as the real deal.

I saw John Fogerty at Massy Hall here in Toronto a few weeks ago and he uses a peavey raptor, either an OLP or Peavey wolfgang (probably peavey), i believe a strat, two les pauls which i think were a les paul standard and a les paul supreme, and some custom made guitar out of a baseball bat which is pretty cool.

For the players you mentioned gilmourguy, I'd say go for a strat. The beauty about strats is you can modify it later with a breeze - if you want humbuckers instead of single coils.

-Jamie :D

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