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Craft Supplies have this PDF that includes many guitar parts and they're in the UK.

I haven't ordered from them but have looked at this before and they have some very nice stuff, by the look of it.

Also try Touchstone Tonewoods or David Dykes

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Had a look at the fingerboard in the classified its not for me. I'm looking for a 24 3/4" preslotted ebony or macassar ebony not quite sure, not radiused yet. I want to inlay it with would so I think it would ber easier not radiused first.

Feylya where do you get your wood and hardware? Anywhere you know of over here? Where are you based?

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in germany there is:


I ordered pre slotted fretboards, body blank, veneer and necks at woodland but had no luck.

The quality of the wood is bad. Nearly all wood is undersized and warped.

In the fretboards (also warped) are many small holes that need to be repaired. Some slots have little cracks that can't be repaired. The necks are raw and need to be planed. In raw state (badly warped) they measure under 1 inch.

No measurements agree with the specifications on their website. They're all under.

BTW- they offer a pre slotted 628 mm scale (24 3/4) but from the 10th slot up the scale is about 1/32 to short.

An all of that after a delivery of 4 weeks. Keep your hands off woodland! :D:DB):DB)

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Keep your hands off woodland! mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

Thanks for the advice......their selection looks impressive on their website.

Bad products, hey?

Did you tell 'm that. Returned the ordered products???


I returned some veneer (undersized) and fretboards (cracks) after I talked to the manager. They weren't very happy to hear my complaints but promised to send me replacement. I hope it won't take 4 weeks again. :D

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