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Now That's A Fine Guitar...

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Other people seem to think he's a bit of a crook when it comes to business dealings. Like refusing refunds or overcharging. I have no experience whatsoever with such things.

What I don't like is that he passes tone voodoo off as proven scientific fact. And not only that, but he makes it sound like his "proven" tone recipes are the only way to go (well, or those of his personal friends). It's annoying when some of rhetoric is so easy to cut through as just that-- clever wording, but not necessarily 'fact'.

I don't resent him. I might end up a customer of his one day unless other people start carrying the Speedloaders cheaper. But his superstitions and rants drive me nutty.

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that is beutifull,would never play it,well...i would have a little try,but as the topic says,i'll hang it up or make a coffe table from it lol

and by the way,i'm new,so y'no...hi lol.

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