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Cheap Pedals


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Hey do any know suppliers who makes excellent/decent guitar pedals at low costs. Stuff that copy famous pedals e.g. TS-808 and the EA Tremolo etc. But with a profidable price tag of maybe <$100 US, cos I am very interested to know in building my rig.

The only one I know of is


Some of you may have seen me mention it in the past.


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of course theres also quite a few people from diystompboxes.com that hang out here.




and a whole slew of others.


if you want to build your own rig be prepared to learn and shell out alot of cash unless you are super good at getting freebies [i am good at it and i still shelled out alot of cash over the years. and i have gotten free mother boards and cpu's]

if you want someone to build your stuff then well there are as stated tons of people on the diy board.



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I've already build a TS-808. But I don't have the time and patience or torlerence to carry on. Because the tube screamer pissed me off by not working! So then I rewired the perfboard again so then suddenly the transistors died when I transplanted boards, so etcetcetcetc.....NOw I don't want to build. Just buy and play

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