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New planer


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OMG! i was just mentioning to the parents that i coudl really use the 12½" thickness planer that's on sale for 325$ at Busy Bee Tools, you know, just making conversation.... and my mom goes.. ok well here take my credit card.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at first i just laugh then she actualy takes it out.. i couldn't beleive it, i was like... that's going to be about 375$ with tax ya know, and she's like ya... but if it's on sale, and you think you're going to need it quite a bit then you might as well get it. *my jaw hit the floor*... and yes, i know i'm a big mama's boy cause i'm 20, and still living at home... but WOOOOOHOOOOOOO A PLANER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D no more buggin the guys at the hardwood store!!! i might actually get a guitar done now!! B)

I also did something funky with my drill press i'll have to take a photo of...

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ya, i couldn't stop thinking on the way home, take your time, and try not to cut your fingers off, but really, a planer is one of the safest tools cause the blades are fairly out of sight and covered, unless you get your sleeve caught under the roller *AAAHHHHHH* that's why i'm always in T shirt..

[bugs his friend with the digital camera continuously]

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Actually after havin a look at your "WWW" and knowing how some parents think she's impressed with the effort you've put into your current projects, enough to try n help you move forward which is really cool.

Personally I've seen the body to fretboard transfer of design before but yours has much better taste. With the simplicity you gotta touch of class going on there bro :D

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a planer is one of the safest tools cause the blades are fairly out of sight and covered,

Maybe so but it can still do an amazing amount of damage, very quickly to your fingers. Ask my father. About three months ago he nicked his pinky on the planer. It took the tip off just above bone and blood everywhere. I had to rush through from work and take him to the hospital. $1000 worth of plastic surgery on his finger was the final result of a seconds inattention and he had the guard over the blades.

Thank goodness it was on one of his projects he was working and not doing some work for one my guitar projects or I would never have heard the end of it.


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man, your control cavity routes are always so nice and clean!

actually the router hasn't touched that guitar yet.. i predill all the holes with bradley pits and connect the cicles with a hand chisel

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