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Fender Headstocks

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here is a bunch of common ones that are pretty close. to get them to scale, i put them in microsoft word or powerpoint and scale them down.

Edit: hold on while i fix my pics

2nd Edit: for some reason when i upload certain pics the only show up black. i dont know why. sorry guys

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RGman, did you ever find plans? Or anybody else for that matter? Cause I'm in need of a 50's headstock one.

Sorry for the bump.

I did, maikman beat me to it! Those wiki plan's a fairly accurate if you get it printed correctly.

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Hmmm... I can't get it in word or powerpoint and the one program that i can open it in has this message over it:

CAD Image DLL trial version use CS Manager.exe for good resolution

Purchase CADImage.DLL on cadsofttools.com

Do I need CAD software? The file is an .svg file. I am running on Windows 98 so...

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The wikipedia article on SVG (the graphics format those files were in) mentions a few programs that will run it - Inkscape is mentioned, and it's free, might be worth a shot.

You could also take the files to a Kinkos or other photocopy place - if they have a computer station with Illustrator (most Kinkos do) you can print the files from there - the employees can probably help you size it and print it.

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