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Inlaying A Fretted Neck


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As some of you have read, I'm having a play round with a cheapass SG copy. I've currently reprofiled the neck (well, it's roughed out, the weeks of sanding are to follow) and I've made sure that I've sanded the top of the body, just to make sure that I have to refinish it.

I was sat playing with the neck to see how to best shape it next and the current dot inlays started to do my head in. I always knew that they're not dead straight, but now I've noticed just how far out they are, I can't live with it.

If I clamp the neck down level and place a piece of wood either side to hold the dremel base (I'm about to build one out of perspex so I may build a wide one aswell) can I inlay it. I was just thinking of block inlays or maybe Dangermouse stylee like Batfink did.

Will it be too much of a nightmare to level the inlay back down while the neck is fretted?

Cheers dudes :D

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May I suggest pulling the frets first. It’s not worth the trouble to inlay with the frets on. It’s much easier to do a refret.

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You may just about be able to put some 'small' block inlays in, a fiddly proccess that is hard to finish in a satisfactory way, but as for the DM's - not a chance matey, it's tricky enough doing it on a blank flat'ish board let alone a fully radiused and fretted one. I'm afraid everyone's right - a fret pull is the only proper way to do it.

Jem :D

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