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Angle Grinder Opinions


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Thinking of picking up a 4 1/2 angle grinder for contours. I'm looking at 3 ......dewalt,makita & milwalkee... I have various tools from each manufactuer and I'm happy with all them. It seems I can't go wrong with any of the three :D however anyone with experience with these may have a different take. Let me know what ya think.


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What sort of disc do you use for sculpting body contours? Ive been looking for a few days but cant see anything specific. Drak? You should be the man for this one

Use a flap sanding disk. Either 40 or 60 grit. I'd have to check, but I think I did the contours on my RG with a 60 grit disk. It cut like butter.

As far as angle grinders, I would think any of the big name brands would be just fine. We don't need as much power as metalworkers do, so I just went with the cheapo Harbor Freight grinder ($18). It's not so hot for cutting metal and stuff, but it's plenty powerful for woodwork.

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A good file will tend to cost at least 20-30 bucks, so that's fine.

Also, re: angle grinders, remember this: you're using it to carve wood. This is nothing compared to metal and stone, so even a low-end, low-power, cheap, angle grinders should be massively overpowered for the job at hand. I have the simplest Bosch (green series, not the pro Blue series) grinder, which is more than adequate for carving even the hardest wood with the right disks.

In other words, if you want to stick with quality tools, and you like what you've gotten from certain manufacturers, get the cheapest option. It's more than good enough.

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Theyre's no real reason to slow down an angle grinder. We use those crappy Harbor Freight angle grinders ($15) for carving tops and tummy cuts at work. For the amount of time it actually gets used in guitar building, I agree that the cheapest is probably fine. We still have the same one they had when I got there over a year ago and I have put many hours on it.

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