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Anti-theft Device?

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anybody ever think of installing gps in their guitars?

i mean it may sound kinda dumb because it could be removed; but if it was hidden inside and was a split from powered pickups battery, it would activate when it was plugged in/turned on like a cell phone and unless they knew about it and changed the pickups to passive or rewired it,it would send a signal; i dont know if you have to pay monthly payments for that or if they charge you just to find the signal (cars/phones etc) but it would be an interesting way to catch the theiving bastards! maybe an insurance break too!

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yup, ive considered the chip also... but...

you have to find the guitar first. If youve found the guitar, to prove its yours, you need the serial number. Isnt it easier to have a serial number than a chip? Ok, you can deface the guitar...

Who owns the device to read the chips, the police? SInce when were they driving around checking out serial numbers (if they dont do that, why would they check for a chip)? If the cops dont do it, who does?? And how much should they charge to drive around town checking guitars? Why is the device not also promoted for other products, to get greater market saturation?

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Well ths only point I see is if a crack head steal it and don't know about the SNAGG chip... can you tell me a crack head that does??? And takes it to a pawn shop... most of the shops here have a cool off period, and in case of a Carvin guitar, I bet that there ain't that many being sold and they are "requiered" by law to check if the guitar have been reported stolen. If there is no serial on the guitar, it can still be ID by the chip... Now the problem is what Perry mentioned! Who have the machine to read the chip???

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