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HUGE sanding disc


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Problem is speed - if you've used a disc sander you'll have noticed that the edges cut much faster than the center - they travel faster. A bigger disc would make this exponentially worse - a guitar sized sanding disc would cut faster at the edges, and tend to round the surface of the guitar. Also, a disc with that much surface area would be very easy to stall - unless you beefed up the motor, which would leave you with a new problem of how to hold onto the guitar!

In all my time looking at guitar building and woodwork sites, I've never seen a super-sized sanding disc, and I'm sure there is a reason - IMO you'd do much better to invest your time in making a drum sander.

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Ok, I assumed you meant to sand the whole face or back of the guitar. :D

However, I don't see the advantages of a bigger sander if it's just for sanding the edges of the body - Most guitars are curved, so you rarely need to sand large flat areas on the sides. On the rare occasions that you do, a belt sander is much better suited since it sands with the grain, and doesn't create crossgrain scratches. As far as I can see the only real difference with a mega-sized sanding disc is you need bigger bits of sandpaper, and it takes up more room!

Eitherway, I'd be interested to hear if it works out...

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Been watchin reruns of Home Improvement have you?

Arh Arh Arh!

i knew that's exactly what you were going to say before i even looked at what you wrote brian! :D

but i agree


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