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"red" Guitar Concept

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School's coming back, and I'm building a guitar for a woodshop class. I've got a tentative concept drawing already, but I want to see what some other people think about this concept. One word, "Red". Any of you artistic people getting any ideas? Any input would be appreciated.

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OK, that was a stupid question. I was jsut thinking red after I saw a bloodwood fretboard on ebay, and I have a 1/4" maple top set, so i figured it wohuld look cool if it were all red, with the red fretboard. Either a neck thru or set construction, (neck thru if i can get the proper piece of wood for it), and a humbucker setup, It's gonna be RG style, but, as my name suggests, telecasterized. Or an RGized telecaster deluxe, u can look at it either way. As i'm almost done with my poorly planned first attempt, I'm going to start drawing this out, PAINSTAKINGLY, to avoid the hideous complications of my first attempt, a bass. Other than that, the only real question I have is a taste issue. I'm going to use Dimarzio pups on this thing, and I know they come in red. Would that be dorky looking? Again, input is appreciated.

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Some very vague questions that you can definitely answer yourself!

Do red pickups look dorky? Not if your design uses them in a cool way. Does it matter if anyone else thinks they look dorky? Prolly not, if you yourself think they look good.

Start planning, having learned from your first project. Get some ideas together. Present your conclusions, and THEN ask if anyone notices any problems with the plan. You'll get a lot more constructive feedback that way. You're not showing enough planning time yet. First "red" and then "telecasterized RG" isn't really saying much. If you're any good with computer apps, you can even mock it up to see if you think you'll like the way it looks.


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