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My Truss Rod Choice...and Opinion

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Today I completed a neck with a Stew Mac truss rod.

I used a different type than I have before.

I tried about six diifferent truss rods and came to my conclusion that only one had no buzz.

It was the one-way, wrapped truss rod from Luthier's Mercantile.

I used silicone, glue, foam, tried all the suggestions on the manufacture's web sites.

Only one proved reliable to me.

Mind you, this is a one-way rod.

Simple to install.

These are just my observations.

I hope they help someone.


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I didn't really test them.

Just from use over the years.

I used the Hot Rod two-way; LMI two-way; LMI one-way (the wrapped one); a copy of the Martin rod, that was in a hollow chamber; the traditional, with the solid rod; and a one-way made into a two-way by putting tension on the rod, then truing the fingerboard. This allowed the release of tention to correct a reverse bow.(I took this from a factory I worked at years ago. They threw it away and I picked it up).

Is that five?

The wrapped one was the best for the buzz factor. But that was only on my very first guitar some twenty-five years ago. It's one-way, so that might not appeal to some. I am not sayint that every rod had buzz. Maybe the wrapped one will have buzz the next time I use it.

The wrapped rod from the onset, was much more secure in regards to its installation.

I wanted two-way action in case of a reverse bow, but that has never happened to any of my guitars.

Maybe if I used super thick fret wire and had supper thin strings. I will stick with one-way rods from now on.

The LMI wrapped one.

This isn't an advert for their rod, I just thought I'd pass my experiences using them.

The latest one I used was a Hot Rod, two-way, with the spoke adjustment....


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I've met a luthier that he claims 2-way truss rods are not so good for overall sound,i have no idea why he said that, ive seen some internet web page that i dont remember to claim the same.

Personaly i dont like the bigger chan that is needed for the 2 way or martin style.

But im quite sure that the 2-way are more stable than the vintage ones.

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