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Issue With Kahler Nut

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The problem with my build, straight up, is that the nut isn't jiving with the head stock design.





what would be an optimal solution to this problem?

right now the ideas I've had thrown at me are:

A - put a wedge in there to maintain access

B - mount it flat, block access and would have to take off nut to do a TR adjustment if neccessary

C - standard nut and use locking tuners

any other ideas? thoughts? suggestions?

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Aren't those nuts intended for a neck with a larger spacing for a nut? I have a neck with a spot for a locking nut, and it is different from the normal. Unless you want to cut away at the top of your fretboard, I say you go with a standard nut(one of the slipperier ones for a trem) and a set of decent locking tuners.

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That my friend is not a NUT it is a Kahler string locker and goes behind the regular nut of the guitar. Like the old Kramers had the bar to bring the strings down after the Floyd nut.


Here is the Kahler nut


Pretty much the same as the Floyd! If this information came from the person (luthier) making your guitar :D no wonder you are having so much problem with the paint, not to mention the time it has taken to complete!1!

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no problem then - the string lock can sit on the face of the headstock without a wedge

but then it would cover the TRC

so you will need to remove it when doing truss rod adjustments - not sure how these cam string locks fix onto the neck, is it just a couple of screws?

Its not ideal but you shouldnt need to make constant adjustments, annoying to set up but once its done it should be fine.

on my kahler equipped build i allowed for the size of the string lock and left a 1" ledge for the nut and lock, it will still probably be easier to adjust the truss rod with the lock removed

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Would it be at all possible to mount the string lock angled but right up against the nut, and then make yourself a half-truss-rod-cover, just to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing? And like what ihockey2 said, once you figure out where/how to mount the nut, you might even be able to adjust it without removing the clamp.

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