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Just Got Back From The 2008 Wood Working Show.. Z-vise?


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What a blast, i suggest you check out http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/ and see if its coming near you. Anyone who has been to one of these know how much fun they can be. Has anyone heard of, or used the z-vise. They had a rep at this show and this thing looked like a guitarmakers best friend. I was going to pick one up but didnt because i already spent alot of money on other smaller stuff and im a little tight in the bank right now. Very cool tool, will probibly pick one up next year if the show comes around again.

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i didnt really look at the website or anything for zvise, but in person, the guy was going through all you can do with it and it was about a half hour demonstration because of how versitle the thing is. There were certain ways to set it up so it could swivel, there were ways to set it up so it could hold 8 foot boards.. it could be used as a drill press and a lathe with a power drill, used for joining picture frames and joints like that. and it was only 199 at the show, as opposed to 300... i really wish i bought it.

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Well, none of their jaws open to 8 feet, but I can't remember the last time I wanted that.


For nut and saddles, I like a wide jaw pair of vise-grips:


And the most recent addition, the big 'ol pattern-makers vise with swivel jaws. My first choice when I want to hold a guitar neck, or keep my back from getting messed up from using another vise that's down much lower :


Don't think I spent any more than $175.00 for the whole lot.

Of course if the Z-Vise can tow a small car behind a Winnebago, I might be sold on it.

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ah i got ya, not sure if it had attachments for holding tapered objects now that i think about it. All my vises don't do that anyway so i am used to shims in the vise hah.. what kinda vise do you got?

I sold two Zyliss versions of that vice (original manufacturer) made 15 years ago on ebay this year. The only thing they were good for was taking up space in my shop; cant see how they would be useful in building a guitar unless you build in your kitchen.

I love the demos at these shows. It slices and dices and most of all relieves the weight of that money burning a hole in your pocket.

You want to spend your hard earned money on a worthy vice try one of these called a patternmakers vice.


If it looks like a pig and squeals like a pig, it is a pig.

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stewmacs vice sounds very similar to that, in being able to hold tapered objects with 2 independant sqivel heads and stuff

much less expensive too

i saw a vid of dan erliwine holding multiple guitars up just by the neck with that vice.

(cant imagine that was too great for the guitars tho :D) :D

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I bought the Z-vise from one of those shows, and although it is the best vise I own, it isn't as good as the guy at the show makes it look.

One thing you need to consider is he doesn't actually clamp anything down tight and put any pressure on it. When you use that vise in the rotating / swivelling mode, you can't actually clamp a guitar neck tight enough to stop it from moving when you go to work on it.

Other than that, if you just want a vise that adjusts easily and can be removed from the bench in seconds it's not too bad. As for holding guitar necks in a vise with non adjustable jaws, I just wrap it in a sock.


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