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Little Inlay I've Done


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Yeh great job :D

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Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated.

It's one piece, which I engraved. Wasn't up to a multi piece one yet. I plan to do one soon though.

Daniel: This isn't my first, it's one of my first, my first was in my bass which was quite scary, taking a router to a nearly completed instrument.

This is my first inlay (apart from some random practice stuff that is). Again one piece, made from aluminium.


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No worries Daniel :D

Here's one I've been working on this afternoon/evening. My first multi piece (5 pieces here) inlay.


-hook and head - aluminium

-body - MOP

-wings - gold MOP

Here it is before gluing.


Edit: Just noticed how bad the picture is, can't even tell apart the materials. I'll post a better one when it's sanded and engraved.

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Looking very clean! You really look like you take pride in your work (and it shows :D ). Inlay is a real kick, but it also can become taxing to me (I often have to bounce in and out of working on bits many times before I actually get something completed). It is a nice feeling though, when you look at your completed works.


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Yea! A fishing inlay, how cool is that! I actually just posted a fishing picture in the off topics section in the members pictures thread. I've only seen a few fishing inlays, one which was done by a member here who is extremely proficient at inlaying and I always get a kick out of seeing them. I'll probably end up doing some in the future, but not until I get better at inlaying and develop a tasteful fishing inlay like yours is. Very nice stuff. Can't wait to see some more pics. J

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Cheers guys.

Rich: You're absolutely right, it is a great feeling to see a completed piece. I find that I keep going over to my desk and looking at it.

Rentis: I just saw that pic of you and the trout. That's a great looking fish, did you catch it on a fly? I'm probably going fly fishing in Norway this summer which should be a blast.

Here's a pic of the finished inlay, finished with shellac and tru-oil. Quite happy with how it turned out. Not too many gaps between inlay and the surrounding wood, and the small gaps that are present aren't noticable from a distance greater than 5 cm's.


I'm gonna get my hands on a better camera and tripod next week, so a better picture will be posted later.

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Yeah, that turned out great! As for the fish, sadly no I caught it on bait, though I love catching trout on lures, including flies. Anyhow, very neat inlay! It inspired me to start designing one and I did last night, but it still needs refining. Its like a mix between a yin and yang sign and the pisces symbol. It'll be a while before I attempt to cut the inlay though. Very cool stuff and keep the cool pictures coming. J

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Here's two more inlays I've done since the fly, both trussrod covers.

-Aluminium into ebony, size: approx. 35x18 mm.

Has been shaped a bit better since the photo was taken.


-Gold MOP into ebony, size: approx. 18x18 mm.

Will be put on a Nightengale bass headstock.


Both still need to be finished, I'll use tru-oil for this.

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