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set neck removal

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Never done it, but from what I've read it involves removing one of the inlays that sit directly on top of the neck joint, drilling a small hole down thru the neck into the joint, then injecting (via a large syringe) near boiling water.

I think Stew-Mac sells the syringes to do it.

I think this would only work on neck joints that used aliphatic glue (Titebond).

I can't see this working if they used epoxy or Urethane glue...

But I think most everyone uses Titebond.

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is that meant so that u can reuse the neck? cause wouldn't all that water take a while to dry out after? I kinda got the impression you'd have to destroy the neck and build a new one to replace it (ie: just rout thru the neck and make a new neck pocket)

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...and as he noted, doesn't say much for Gibson's quality control these days either. It did look kind of factory-sloppy.

He used a great color tho, I love wine red.

The very first LPC I ever bought was an '82 LPC in wine red w/ gold hardware.

sigh...the ones that got away...lost that one to the pawn shop in me youth... :D

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