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Wood Problems Lmao

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You only have to worry when you build the jewelry box from "scraps" and it is worth more than the jewelry inside it.

I just said I built her the box - I didn't say there was anything in it yet :D I'm working on getting back to where I'm allowed in the lumberyard without spousal supervision.

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Mojoman thanks! i really appreciate that; i love just building with my hands; regardless of the medium

however i think WAS is contagious; i was comissioned to do a frame for a peice that is being displayed in Milan and i invited the guy who comissioned me to come along and put some input as to the woodchoice

2 lumberyards later and 200 dollars down we got the wood for the frame...he bought enough for 2 hahaha

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There's an eBay seller that lives about 45 minutes away. He has a ton of exotic pieces, but none of them very big. About every other month I spend a week bidding on a bunch of stuff. Most of it goes for less than 1/2 of retail because most folks have to factor in shipping, which would add +/- $10 to the piece. I end up spending about $100 and an afternoon's driving for $200-$250 worth of small craft pieces.

Recently purchased:

$24 worth of Brazilian redwood for $4

5 Spanish cedar thins (36 x 4 1/2 x 1/4) for $1

3 pieces of mayan walnut totaling 1BF for $1

Bocote for about $4-$5/BF

7 pieces of 1/2" thick x 4 1/2 wide S4S bloodwood totaling 4.42BF for $21.25.

On the trip I made a couple months ago, I stopped at the Rockler store that's over near his place. They had in a palate S4S lumber they considered to be shorts. All of it was 48"-72" x 3"-4" x 1". The whole thing was unsorted, and ALL of it was $2/BF. I went through it and picked out probably 10 mahogany boards, 5 walnut, and 5 maple. The bill was only about $25.

I just ordered 10BF of chechen for a series of frames my wife wants me to make. I had permission to get the chechen. I tacked on an extra 5BF of purpleheart that she'll not know about for a while. :D

I have so much wood in my workroom I can just about divide it up by geographical region of origin: North America, South America, and Africa. Is it enough? HELL NO!!! I need more!

I'm taking a break from guitar making for a while. I'll be finishing up the ones I have in various stages of incompletion and stopping for a while. I'll be doing small woodworking items while ramping up for a pair of end tables. Ya know - the hardest part is picking put which woods to use. I look at the woods and I want to save them all for "something special". Some of them just look too pretty to cut up, but too pretty not to use. Then the ash, mahogany, and maple look too plain to use. I really wrestle with the woods I have when planning an item. It's a great problem to have. :D

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is there anyone else on here that cant pass up on a nice piece of wood even when you dont need it

...every morning... :D

I'll never pass on a chance to get free wood. I look over the woodbin at work to see what the shipwrights have tossed out. They play with mostly plywood and veneers, but occasionally there are useable sized scraps eg. mahogany, maple, purpleheart etc. I talk to a lot of people about wood and know people who know what I'm looking for. I'm working on getting local maple and also have a friend who is going to buck me some 2" alder billets from 14"-16" dia. logs. Gonna make some nice 1-piece strat bodies. So far, I've got no. 5 from scratch guitar in the works (all mahogany scaled -down Flying V) and never had to pay for a scrap of wood yet. Be vigilant and keep your wood radar tuned in.

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Hey! I think I know the guy of whom you're speaking. In Missouri?

I get a lot of stuff from him too, although I have to go the shipping route. :D

The seller's ID is chitswood. He's in St. Peters, an outlying town just NW of St. Louis. When I pick up my stuff he lets me look through his racks to see if there's anything else I might want. The first time I was there, he gave me a big chunk of ash burl for $1, and a piece of cocobolo the size of a computer mouse for free. When I picked up this last batch, I gave him a desk clock.

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