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greetings all. so ive been searching through the supplies section and ebay and google and im just knot hitting what i want. im looking for a good neck thru neck for a future project. woods not really a concern,(maple neck with rosewood, maple-dont really need any special woods like birdseye or ebony board) and i love the one from carvin, except it says carvin. i dont want to build a carvin guitar, nor do i have the time and money to start buying all of the necesary tools to build my own. i know it will cost at least a couple hundred bucks, which is okay as long as its quality. just need a pointing in the right direction. thanks. :D

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think its just a carvin one but definately has a paddle head... but then so do the ones direct from carvin


anyone would think my post was invisible :DB)



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Carvin will offer more if you order over the phone. They didn't offer a 5 string fretless paddle headstock when i looked online, but they were cool with it over the phone.

Warmoth on the other hand will be pretty stingy about the word "custom" because they seem to only like selling whatever's in stock at the moment.

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