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The Cool Wood Thread

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Post up your cool billets, blanks, and raw wood! Only rule is it has to be (or have been) yours.

I'll start! Here's a black limba body blank I recently glued up:


And with that, I'm back to wanting to use black limba on my next body.

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Here's a cool spalt I call "Mr Happy Face".

Cuz, you know... I don't get out much.


I have never been jealous of a pice of wood. :D

I have a lot of pieces still in my stash that I've been waiting for the right time to use. This is one of my favorites. A big straight-grained board of Macassar ebony. The photo makes it looks a little different. It's very black and tan. It should look like Guinness made a guitar neck when i find the right body to use it on. I found some unusually white Spanish cedar near where I live that I think would work.


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Beautiful wood... I love that limba :D

Some plum from my girlfriends garden... all about 1 meter long and 10-12 cm wide, cut in October, so I still have to wait a while until I can use them.

those will become fretboards one day


and those a one-piece neck and the other one some pieces for a multi-piece neck (too much sapwood & some cracks which you can't see on the picture)


(sry for the bad pictures... crappy camera)

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Cool.. Really liking all the funky limba.

Here's some of my stash-

Weathered Tupelo ( american black gum, nyssa sylvatica ) cool spiral grain and algae


Backside of really wide (18") white oak barn board-


14" wide American Chestnut, nice saw marks and bird poo-


And emerging from the dark side, here's a nice bookmatch of quartersawn Red Mulberry ( Morus Rubra )


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