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Project Guitar Forum Project Guitar?

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Anyone here ever been to the MIMF? Anyone here who has been to the MIMF seen the MIMF Bass? What if we did something like that, a guitar most likely, like a Project Guitar Forum Project Guitar? I don't know...does this sight require donations to run? We could make an instrument to sell on ebay maybe to get funds for Project Guitar (if it requires funds).

What do you guys think? If we did something like this, I say we do the WHOLE thing, neck + body built from rough wood.

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Better to have a clown in every thread than no clowns at all?

Moratorium On Clowns: Shoot Clowns On Site! :D

Y'know, I wez juz thinnin'...

I've been a member of the MIMF for at least 8 years I think, I like the place.

But I like THIS place too, and THIS place is not like the MIMF.

Point? We should make this idea somehow different and original from the MIMF idea.

Once I thought about it for a bit, I don't like the idea of perfectly copycatting a MIMF idea. If you want to do that, just slip on over to the MIMF and join in their next project like that, Dig?

Our idea should be somehow original and different and OURS, not the MIMF's.

Just a thought...

If WE do it, it's gotta be HEAD-TURNING WICKED WILD.

Because that would somehow mirror the basic philosophy behind THIS place...which I think is somehow important...?

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...yes, we 'are' quite the international click, no? :D

Maybe the necks get built in one part of the world, the body in another part of the world, finish in yet another, final assembly in the fourth quadrant? B)

Double-necked, one Floyd, one TOM, something along the lines of this...?


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You can't be any further away than Perry down unduh, eh? :D

From Australia to Sweden...I think that sounds cool actually.

I think that's part of what we have to offer, who 'we' are...

OK, my mind is going berserk now...just tossing out stream-of-conciousness ideas, feel free to laugh away...

I see a double neck (basic) BC Rich design.

Bottom neck is Floyd-equipped, hot pickups, maybe 24 fret

Neck inlayed and bound, trans blue fade to black

Top section


Clear finish

Somewhat clean pkps, jazzy, like a set of Barden Two-Tones.

Black hardware over the entire guitar

Somehow making it almost look like 2 different guitars, fading the burst out somehow between the necks in some cool way to make a transition between a cool blue trans and the top being completely natural

Believe it or not, I can picture this in my head! (Whacko alert)

Feel free to take aim and fire away, or just tell me to STFU!!! B)

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why not have several projects going at once?

The us working on ours.

Canada doing thiers.

And people from other countries working as groups that make economic/shipping sense.

If we are focusing on electrics the work becomes a lot less intensive than if we did acoustics.

And its not like finding clowns here is like looking for a needle in a haystack

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Problems (and these reflect the decisions made originally at MIMF) are that:

1) Custom made guitars, especially from builders without names, dont fetch high prices. People coming here are builders or modders themselves, so chances are the instrument will have to be marketted on ebay.

2) custom basses are more favorably looked upon in the general market. Players seem to accept custom basses more than guitars.

3) everyone on MIMF that contributed were long time, verified, seasoned builders. What happens if somone who volunteers cant cut it? Or, worse still, disappears?

4) It only takes one silly mistake to ruin everything.

5) How would the funds be spent?

6) Does this forum have the support from supliers like MIMF? I believe MIMF has a lot more members (and a long history of sponsorship/sales).

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Because then it becomes more of a competition.

The basic premise behind this idea is more about 'Brothers of Wood' or something along those lines...where we all have to depend on the last guy to do his part right, and the next guy to do his part right...

Kind of like a Baton race...

More than one immediately brings in competition, and takes out the 'brotherhood of wood' aspect of the project...

Well, what if we just did it for the hell of it, not make it so serious as the MIMF project was?

If we keep it somewhat informal, if it takes a dump for whatever reason, then, y'know, big deal, just forget about it or start over...

Maybe make this on a somehow smaller scale than MIMF?

Just poppin' out ideas...

PS, I ain't makin' no steenkin' BASS! Hahahahaha! :D

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Well, what if we just did it for the hell of it, not make it so serious as the MIMF project was?

If we keep it somewhat informal, if it takes a dump for whatever reason, then, y'know, big deal, just forget about it or start over...

Well we may as well simply work on our own projects then...

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I dunno...I think it deserves some thought.

It's like this, the way I see it:

You are right Perry, the MIMF was done by well-rounded pros. OK.

But that really doesn't mirror THIS place, and this project should mirror the facets of THIS place.

So, like I said earlier, this project needs to form itself, with the MIMF project as the kernel idea maybe, but really melding itself to this group. Don't get hung up on the idea that this project will have to follow ANY of the guidelines that the MIMF project did. Give ourselves the freedom to do it how it will work for US as a group, however that comes down.

The MIMF idea worked well for THAT group, it was a good FIT for that group.

Our idea needs to be a good fit for OUR group, so it will be different...

I say we just hash out ideas for a month, see where it goes.

And I actually really like the international part of the idea.

We could all take pics of the parts of the guitar we did, and, say, take pics of our environment too, so someone could see all the places the guitar has been???

Since I'm outside of DC, I'll take the guitar with me down to the White House and have a pic taken of the guitar between me and George Bush B) ...or Laura Bush... :D

...I dunno...too much coffee... :D

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Sounds like there is a little interest. What would be the perpose of the project though?

Regarding selling the guitar:



WHY(Wheres the money go)

We would have to organize it really well though:

What exactly would be built? Who would do what part? What if two people want to do the neck, etc? We should look at who can do what the best, ie, obtain hardware for the cheapest price, obtain wood for the cheapest price, who has the tools, who has the time, who can build bodies really well, who can build necks really well, who can do nice finishes, inlay, design of guitar, etc.

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Well, clear only certainly is an option, and a nice one.

But what I would ask is if you saw a clear-only bodied guitar, do you think it would truly reflect the overall feel of this place, of ProjectGuitar.com?

I think it would look more MIMF to be honest. I am not trying to copy the MIMF here. (But that's just me)

I see very few clear bodies here. I see more trans tints, bowling ball finishes, material finishes, I think that kind of thing reflects us as a group more than a clear would.

Just my worthless .02...

Now, a double-necked BC Rich BLACK FLORAL PRINT? WHOOO-HOOO!!!

It would have OUR stamp firmly imprinted on it! B):DB):D:D:D

See, I'm not really so wrapped up in the guitar itself, but in the 'experience' of doing it, I think new friends and acquaintences will be forged, new information and ideas will be exchanged, we might be brought somehow closer, I always try to make something new into some sort of learning experience, like the Carriburst competition, I'm trying to get my deal hooked up to do my first carved top. I try to use these things to further the information flow and talent, and, well, you know what I'm driving at...

If everyone just did what they already know how to do well, what's the real point in that?

But I may also be completely hijacking Lex's original idea.

But the Carriburst thing wound up in the end being very different than I had envisioned it too!

I rolled with it, 'cuz that keeps it fun and interesting to more people in the end.

That's why I brought up the idea of not following the MIMF format, allow ourselves the freedom to adapt it into something else...

Like I said, I'm just scattering ideas out loud...

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