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What pickup humbucker, and single coil, would be best for like a death metal sound. Im putting these in a Charvel Randy Rhoads V. And im looking for a high output pickups... I have an EMG 60 and 81 in my RG, and those pickups are perfect, but i need something for this guitar, that is phantom power, and doesnt cost so much. B) ... So just wondering what the best models are, so i can order them on up. Thanks - Scott :D

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The Tone Zone rocks. Perhaps you could describe the sound you're after in more detail. There are alot of different Death Metal Sounds. There is not ONE Death metal sound. At least if you talk about good Death Metal which is *very* rare in my opinion. There are alot of stupid Death Metals where you wouldn't here a different Pickup anyway. I would describe the Tone Zone installed at the bridge this way:

-High output

-Thick and a little compressed sounding

-Very Balanced frequency response. There is no single frequency range which is louder than the outhers.

-Perfect Highs: They highs are not louder than other frequencies but they sound so cool. You hear them very well and they cut through very well, but they dont sound harsh at all. They simply sound very clear and transparent but still very warm.

I play mainly Progressive Metal in the Style of Dream Theater and for this music I love the Tone Zone.


Marcel Knapp!

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well the sound im going for is like a six feet under type distortion... There singer (if u want to call it that) is pretty cheesy but i like the guitar riffs and stuff. the are pretty simple but... I think that they just sound.... awesome lol.

As for rsera. in my other guitar i have an emg 81 in the bridge and an emg 60 in the neck, its an ibanez RG 520 (european) with a quilted sapele top....whoa yea. And those pickups are my all time favorite pickups, but this guitar i dont want to have to spend 105$ a piece on, i would rather spend 105 for both pickups lol, and i want to vary the tones between the two guitars. I think its dumb to see people that have different guitars with the same pickups and the same string guage. for me haveing 2 different guitars means that i want to get 2 different tones, and tunings. JMO. -Scott :D

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Well see, I would probably do that but I want to use a gift certificate to this guitar store around here, its for 150$, so i decided ide treat the v to a make over lol. And EMG's are out of the budget right now

Ahh hell. Oh well.. I want something that doesnt use a battery, Im constantly leaving the cord plugged in, so it drains it. I have both pickups hooked up to one battery. - Scott :D

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