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Esp Explorer

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Just wanted to ask if anyone can help me out with an outline for the BODY of an ESP Explorer, known as MX or EXP. Or at least some angles and meassures.

This shape:


I can pay for it or trade some of my guitar tamplates/3D models. If I get the template, I can start and show progress.

xplo (nmg8@hotmail.com)

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Welcome to the forum!

Chances are that if you don't have the tools or patients to cut your own template, you won't enjoy building your guitar either. MDF is relitavly inexpensive at home depot. You can get a quarter inch 3x5 board of it for $4-5. I would check out moth's tutorial pinned in the solid body tutorial section of the forum.

Good luck!

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i have bought an gibson explorer plan, but it is not the same shape. I bought it for some meassures. Maybe for someone that are unnecessary details, but for me it's very important to have the orginal meassures and the right angles. You maybe don't notice the difference, because you are not such an ESP Explorer fanatic :D

The bodyshape of the ESP Explorer looks for most people who are into Explorers totaly different than other Explorer bodyshapes.

Thanks anyway!! :D

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The ESP explorer you pictured is very similar to the Gibson explorer,if not completely identical...If you ordered gibson plans from Amazon you would be there.


I bought the flying V plans a while back and they are excellent.

Ok, I can't keep quiet about this : Spirit Flutes is a thief and all around EVIL person.

The plans he sells are illegal copies of someone else's work.

I know this first hand, as I drew a number of plans that I had made available on a French guitarbuilding forum in PDF format, and which I sold a while back on Ebay in paper format.

He took my plans, erased my name from them and started selling them as well.

I politely wrote to him asking that he please remove his listings, as they were in violation of my copyrights.

He was rather harsh and defiant in his reply, and threatened to have Gibson sue me! He went as far as to write me an e-mail with a fake Gibson header, pretending to be Gibson's legal department. I swear I am not making this up!

I got on Ebay's VERO program and had his listings cancelled, and had to contact his web provider so they could remove the plans he was still offering for sale on his own website.

The plans he now sells are still not his. That's why his ebay listings don't show the actual plans but a picture of the guitars.

The plans he now sells were drawn by a guy from Italy with whom I've had a few mail exchanges as he (rightfully) felt he was getting ripped of too.

Anyway, please do NOT buy from this guy!!

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Well you know,when i did my explorer style,(which I still use),I traced out a real Gibson and I straightened the lines,sharpened the corners,and cut off some of the big end,as well as enlarging the cutaway and thinning the lower horn.It is quite a bit sharper and more "swept" than the ESP,but I like it better..

So maybe you might be happy changing the Gibson to your specs like Wez suggests?

I know you want the ESP..but I just don't know where you would find the plans since the lawsuit.But another note of interest..ESP japan,under the name Edwards,is still making and selling those explorers on ebay..and they are damn fine guitars..I have a Forest GT.


My explorer


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Cactus - where are you in Finland? We're moving to Pori in around three weeks. Off to Tuska? ;-)

I'm finnish but I'm born and raised in sweden. Both of my parents are fins. :D

For some strange reason I was under the impression xplo was finnish.. that's why.. and I have no clue to why I thought so. :D

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:S I tried to contact you on the ESP board and your youtube account - but it looks like you haven't read it. I allready got the body outline and payed for it ^^. but anyway the whole plan with everything on it (fretboard radius and so on) would be cool too - I'm interrested. You can write me an email with price (neno@epignosis.at or nmg8@hotmail.com) or tell me here. :D

thanks in advance!

I will post pictures of what I'm doing :D

if you mean you are after a plan? i built an rg and got a custom plan drawn up from eguitarplans.com cost 50 bucks us$. hope that helps.

thanks pbcguitars for your tip!!! maybe for another project! I allways thought they only have the plans, they have on their homepage. thanks!

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