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I just read the post of Engraving that Clavin posted (by the way, great job!!) and, i wanted to know what kinda of inlays i should do for a Jackson tribute, I dont really like the shark fin things, yet, i dont want anything too complex as this is my first time, I am not going to do the Rhoads flying v propellers either, i was already thinking that, but no.

Any ideas? i dont want just regular dots, something a little different


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Thanks Curtis

Well, your at the most fun part.

What do YOU want on YOUR guitar?

What floats your boat? Your the captain! If you can think it, you can draw it, and if you can draw it, you can inlay it most likely.

I got into inlay because I thought it would be cool to see a guitar with a coral reef inlaid down the fretboard.

My "Living Sea" guitar is the result

Don't get stuck on things you have seen already. That's 99.99% of peoples problems when to comes to guitar inlay.

Your first inlay can be a single outline, or maybe a few pieces.

Practice on some scrap wood first whatever you do. Your going to make mistakes.

I have made plenty, and keep making them.

thats how you learn. :D

So- my standard question set that goes out to my clients (who know they want "someting" but are not sure) is based on this-

1) What inspires you the most

2) Any hobbies or passions you like to think about?

3) Favorite animals, or marine life (sorry.. my personal thing!)

You get the basic idea.


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wow, very inspirational, i enjoy guitar, engines, and working in the garage on stuff, hmm, maybe a guiatr inlay, then down the fret board is the patch cord, then finally the amp? i dunno, something along that??


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thinking about it i think that having gear wheels instead of dot inlays would look damn cool. either that or having a large cog somewhere else on the guitar

infact, ive just had a neat idea (that i wont be able to do tho someone with some skills might) how about inlays around the control knobs on aguitar. eg you get chrome metallic knobs on the pots and then around that you could have the inlay of a cog or wheel or even just a cool looking inlay. that may look pretty neat

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Well, there you go.

Now I suggest doing an image search on Google for just those thing. Then print them out, or use the library, shop magazines, sears adds, etc.. Just make sure if it's copywrited to get permission to use it first.

If you have a digital camera take your own photos of your shop gear and use those.

You can even pose things the way you want them to look.

I do that a lot. Get your self a folder for the printouts, draw them out and/or make detailed tracings of all the images you feel go best.

Trace out a fretboard, and mark off the fretlines.

These will be where the frets go, so pay attention to the details, and what may get covered up.

You can re-size objects using a photocopy machine so that things fit best in your fretboard space. Layout the design as you see fit and go from there. Make a final image based upon your composits.

You'll be amazed at what you can do. A full fretboard ful of gears made of stearling silver, black pearl, mother of pearl, could be really cool, especially if you make all the gears interconnect like the insides of a clock.

Oh- and just because brian hasn't seen anyting like that doesn't mean it's not cool B) It means it's original :D

I thought a cool inlay for the project guitar "guitar" could be Brian sitting at the computer, the compter chords lead to a guitar body (plugged into it), and a bunch of hands are putting tthe rest together. It would require Brian modelling, and a lot of engraving for the hair and face, but it would be cool (at least to forum members!)


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I've seen what look like boomerang shaped inlays on some V's, it kind of blends and promotes the basic shape of the shark V anyway.

But I'd like to learn to inlay this:


Unless I was from Texas, in which case I'd learn to inlay something like this:


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