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Gibson Bfg Like Finish


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Hello again,

In another guitarforum I was infected by the idea of having similar finish to Gibson BFG on myself built guitar. The project I´m working with ain´t any showcase of workmanship, so I though this kind of finish might be suitable. Mostly I´m intrested about how to carve the top into that fashion. Any tips how to do it ?


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Or maybe a duplicator with the skin to be copied on the master.

I wonder if you could just overlay an animal skin. That would be legit.

its not skin. i suppose the one above does look quite like animal skin, but the ones i have seen in the flesh are nothing like it

gibson describe it as "the rough-hewn and minimally finished top of the guitar, the maple of which still bears marks from the carving process,"

so its all about getting that consistently carved look at home

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Its supposed to be a carved top before the luthier got to any of the finishing process, Like Wez said.

Razor sharp palm gouge is the best way to do it. If you havent done anything like this before thn Id recomend something a little softer than Maple. probobly poplar, Seems to carve accross the grain easier than most maple iv used.

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