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Sanding Sealer On Fretboard

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Hey guys, long time i don't ask or post new works here. Here's the deal,i am building this Jeff hanneman copy guitar for myself, and i am using a local venezuelan wood, that resembles ebony, i think it's Katalox.

Anyways, i prepare my fretboards to a mirror shine, i tape carefully the fretboard and then i paint the guitar.

During wet sanding, no matter what, water always gets in and the fretboard is all wet.

The fretboard isn't shiny anymore...

So i started using sanding sealer. The nitro stuff...

Do you think it'll help avoiding the fretboard in getting wet? Or should i do something else ?


This is the guitar in question:


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I never get a wet board.

What stops this is I mask the board surface and spray the clear. When im wet sanding the clear is sealed to the tape and the overspray ensures it's sealed around the edge. So the water doesn't get in

After polishing I remove the tape and razor blade the paint edge smooth.

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Maybe you're using too much water? Could be the tape you're using. I always use green tape. But if the tape is covered in clear then it'd be waterproof.

The water is only used a lubricant, so you don't need bucketloads on there.

I get a large bowl of water, let the sandpaper soak in the water and use it wet from the tub. When it's starting to dry out I dip it back in the tub so it's wet again. That's all the water that's needed if you're doing it by hand. I do all my wet sanding by hand starting at 2000 followed by 3000

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I dont even know what Micromesh is! I know people buy it from Stewmac, but I just walk into my local auto paint place and ask for a 3000 pad. It is about quarter inch thick and made to fit onto an round orbital sander, but I just fold it up and use it by hand.

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You don't even need to wet sand. I use this stuff sometimes with an air sander http://www.amazon.com/3M-30667-Hookit-Purple-Finishing/dp/B0035QYZNO I only use 1000 and 1200 grit though before buffing. If you don't sand between coats you can level sand with p320 after about 6 coats and spray a few reduced coats and start with 1000 grit or 800 depending on how your reduced coats layed out.

If I wet sand I do the same thing but instead of the disks I use a felt block with 1000 and 1200 grits, for water I just use one of those bottles you get windex in with the triggers for squirting and fill it with distilled water. All it takes is a couple squirts a grit you don't want to douse the wood.

Maybe you aren't spraying lacquer enough on the tape or maybe it has small gaps when the tape goes over the frets and that's what is making the water get on the board.

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