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Routing Cedar

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Im really nervous to route my truss rod. Is there any way to go about this where I wont explode the wood on contact? Drilling out the material seems risky for such a long, straight line, but I also dont want to have the wood chip out like crazy either. Im thinking about using some thinned out epoxy to stabilize it a little bit perhaps?

Any advice is EXTREMELY welcome here.

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Which 'cedar' are we talking about? Western Red (not real cedar), spanish cedar (cedrella odorata, not real cedar), atlas/cedar of lebanon (real cedar)?

But what other folks have said holds true: if you're worried about blowing it up with a router bit doing a straight 1/4" channel, either the wood wasn't up for it, and/or you're a bit excessively worried about your router. Maybe read and practice a little routing various materials so you gain an appreciation of what a router can and cannot do, and how you should or should not be routing wood to avoid chipping and blowouts? I mean, sometimes they can't be avoided, but still.

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